miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Dear Mr.Nassim:
I wish God Bless you.
Aramis1,as,Henry Rees Jr.
I wish to resume you what I have been writing lately.The theory I like to discourse with you is that;comets are tripulated by “ELOHIM”,also,if our Sun do not receive gases(specialy Hydrogen neuter),our Planetary Sistem and even the Sun will die.Also that the Inhabitants inner the Sun needs part of the “plasma to survive.Another question,you say that exist water mixed with plasma.I say,yes,because the “Cues” of all comets consist of water vapour,as comets employs “water motor”,doing this way,do not contaminate the orbital space,of the rest of planets,when coming.Other question is:¿why I know the Halley´s comet brought an Spatial Aura of 7.000.000 Km3,of gas Hydrogen neuter?.¿Why I am so sure?.Because,that was said by the Scientifics of “ESA”,when they sent to the space the sounders:GIOTTO,VEGA1,VEGA2,SUSIKEI, etc..,following the course of the comet.By this reason I say:when the Halley´s comet arrived to Perihelium discharged the material-gas,and also the "Cue",made of water vapour.The rest,for me,is clear enough.In one of your videos,you comments that comets are made of rocks and ice,the Russians says:that “these” are electric objects.¿Who is in the true,really?.I like to send you this message hoping it will be usefull sometime,in benefit of the Science.
Waiting for your kind reply…

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